Y-TZP Grinding media

The yittria (Y) tetragonal zirconia polycristal (TZP) grinding media are one of the most common grinding materials for milling processes. Its high hardness and therefore low wear are excellent. The balls can be used to mill ceramics like metal oxides, metals, dyes, ink, and other chemial materials.


   Material: 95% ZrO2


The grinding balls are available in different diameter sections depending on the application smaller or bigger balls are favorable. More precise sections are possible. But in general are not necessary because they do not enhance milling effects.

Section Name Min Diameter [mm] Max Diameter [mm] Sales Unit
YTZP0005 0.4 0.6 gram
YTZP0010 0.8 1.0 gram
YTZP0020 1.9 2.1 gram
YTZP0075 7.0 7.5 gram


Prices and other sizes on request.

Please contact us for details.